Thai Now opened in October 2015 because it was the takeaway that I really wished I had near me.

After living in Hong Kong for five years during the ‘90s – where I ate masses of Thai food in both Hong Kong and Thailand – I fell in love with Thai food. This was the start of the love affair with Thai food.

This love affair continued back in the UK in particular at a place called Talad Thai in Putney which at the time was a very basic cafe style Thai restaurant, takeaway and Thai food supermarket. It was a bit of an institution in Putney and there is still a Thai restaurant there but it is very different from the Talad Thai of the ‘90s.

Who cooks the food?

We have three amazing Thai ladies cooking the food; Anong is our Head Chef assisted by Trassa and Suttima. They share the workload but at the weekend very often all three of them will work.